SPANISH: Rollerball Niños Full Set Labels

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The Rollerball Full Set Labels include one waterproof label for each of the 10 recipes in the series and one bonus spray label. Full Set Label are designed for 10ml roller bottles.
Product Details

Labels for Niños include:  

  • ¡Fuera Insectos! (Bug Off) - Effective insect repellent that helps ward off insects
  • ¡Súper Cool! (Cool Kiddo) - Acts as a cooling agent for the body and skin
  • Estoy Creciendo (Growing Kiddo) - Ease discomfort during the growing phases
  • ¡Estoy Feliz! (Happy Kiddo) - Elevates mood and promotes vitality
  • Pansita Contenta (Happy Belly) - Soothes occasional stomach discomfort and promotes digestion
  • Oidos Felices (Happy Ears) - Helps ease and soothe ear discomfort
  • Nariz Contenta (Happy Nose) - Helps soothe runny nose and discomfort to the nose
  • Estoy Saludable (Healthy Kiddo) - Supports healthy immune functions
  • Ayudante de Tareas (Homework Helper) - Enhances and sustains a good sense of focus
  • Calmar & Facilita (Soothe & Ease) - Soothes and eases owie pain
  • Dulces Sueños (Sweet Dreams) - Promotes a peaceful night sleep

*Full Set Labels are designed for 10ml roller bottles.