SPANISH: Rollerball Bienestar Recipe Sheets (Pk/25)

Recipe Sheets include 10 Roller bottle and 1 Spray Bottle Recipe.
Product Details

Blends for BIENESTAR include:  

  • Mezcla-Digestiva (Belly Blend) - Soothes occasional stomach discomfort and promotes digestion

  • Mezcla-Hematomas (Black & Blue) - Soothes occasional bruising

  • Mezcla-Respire Fácil (Breathe Easy) - Promotes clear nasal breathing and healthy respiratory functions

  • Mezcla-Enfoque (Focus Blend) - Enhances and sustains a good sense of focus

  • Refuerzo Inmunológico (Immune Boost) - Supports healthy immune function

  • Mezcla-Muscular (Muscle Blend) - Helps soothe aches and discomfort

  • Mezcla-Vias Respiratorias Abiertas (Open Airways) - Maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing

  • Mezcla-Estacional (Seasonal Blend) - Protects against seasonal threats

  • Mezcla-Aliviar la Piel (Skin Soothe) - Soothes occasional skin irritations

  • Mezcla-Hora de Dormir (Sleepy Time) - Supports a restful night sleep

  • Spray de Manos (Hand Spray) - Protects against environmental threats