School Support Bundle

The School Support includes one sheet of each Growing Kiddo/Homework Helper Labels, Happy Kiddo/Healthy Kiddo Labels, Lesson Plans/Well Teacher Labels, Rested Teacher/Rise & Shine Labels.
Product Details

Everyone needs a little extra support in school...both kids & teachers alike! This bundle allows you to make some awesome supportive blends for your kiddos, friends and teachers as they start school year and can be use throughout the year!

Our School Support Bundle includes one of each of the following:

  • Growing Kiddo / Homework Helper Duo Labels
  • Happy Kiddo / Healthy Kiddo Duo Labels
  • Lesson Plans / Well Teacher Duo Labels
  • Rested Teacher / Rise & Shine Duo Labels
  • Rollerball Kids Sticker Tops
  • Rollerball Teachers Sticker Tops


All labels are designed for 10 ml roller bottles and are full color, waterproof, oil proof & smudge proof!

A FUN TIP: These labels will also fit on aroma inhalers which makes a great option for kiddos who can't take glass bottles to school!

You can find our recipes for these blends for free on our website on the recipe page.

You can also purchase full recipe sheets for both Rollerball Teachers and Rollerball KIDS on our site.