Rollerball Teachers Recipe Sheets (Pk/25)

Recipe Sheets include 10 Roller Bottle and 1 Spray Bottle Recipe.
Product Details

Recipe Sheets include 10 Roller bottle and 1 Spray bottle Recipe

Teacher recipes include:

  • Calm Teacher Mood Blend - Lessens the feelings of agitation and calms emotions
  • Class Chaos Tension Blend - Soothes feelings of tension
  • Happy Teacher Mood Blend - Uplifts your mood, spirit and passion 
  • Lesson Plans Focus Blend - Supports sustained focus and alertness 
  • Queasy Teacher Belly Blend - Soothes digestive upsets
  • Rested Teacher Sleep Blend - Supports a sense of calm at night
  • Rise & Shine Energy Blend - Gives you a boost to get you moving when you feel sluggish
  • Think Summer Motivation Blend - Helps provide a little motivational pick-me-up
  • Timeout Patience Blend - Helps you take a deep breath and gather your composure
  • Well Teacher Immunity Blend - Helps support and maintain a healthy immune system
  • BONUS Clean Slate Whiteboard Spray