Rollerball Nirvana Recipe Sheets (Pk/25)

Rollerball Nirvana is based on the teachings of Bhakti Yoga which is considered the easiest yogic path to master and the most direct method to experience the unity of mind, body & spirit.
Product Details

The Rollerball Nirvana Recipe Sheets come in a pack of 25.

Nirvana Recipes include:

  • Divine:  Use this blend when you need help remembering that creating is your divine right.
  • Transformation:  Use this blend for meditation and for reconnecting with your spiritual journey.
  • Acceptance: The energy of this blend will aid in accepting change and recognizing cycles present in life.
  • Abundance: Use this blend to promote feelings of peace and fairness and to manifest abundance in any form.
  • Creativity:  Use this blend in creative and artistic endeavors and to promote feminine empowerment.
  • Devotion: Use this blend to remind yourself that everything comes from love and everything is love.
  • Honor: Use this blend to promote feelings of body-love, honor, and pleasure.
  • Preservation: Use this blend to steady your energy as you remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • Protection:  This blend reminds us that sometimes we have to match our kindness with fierceness to create harmony.
  • Wisdom:  Use this blend to promote focus and flow, and to help remove obstacles in your path.

Includes printed materials only.

**Does not include labels, essential oils, dilution oil or roller bottles.