*Rollerball Celebration - Encouragement Edition Labels

Everyone has their favorite recipe they love to share! Now it’s easy to give a custom roller bottle for some much needed encouragement and to celebrate hard work & success! *Celebration Labels fit BOTH 5mL & 10mL roller bottles!*
Product Details

The Rollerball Celebration series labels are a fabulous way to gift your favorite blend of essential oils to your friends, family, customers, builders or prospects. This particular series is the ENCOURAGEMENT series—for celebrating achievements and successes!   

Includes 10 different full-color, waterproof, oil proof, smudge proof labels & corresponding sticker tops!

AS A BRAND NEW IMPROVEMENT: Our Celebration Labels will fit BOTH 5mL & 10mL roller bottles!

Encouragement Labels include:

  • Always Believe
  • Be Happy
  • You are Magical
  • Be-You-Tiful
  • You're Amazing
  • You are Awesome
  • Shine
  • You Did It!
  • You Rock
  • You Go Girl