Rollerball Babies & Mamas Tent Cards

Rollerball Tent Cards are the perfect addition to the Rollerball Make & Take Workshop Kits. Each set includes table tent cards for each of the 10 recipes for you to use at your Rollerball Workshop Events.
Product Details

Tent Cards for BABIES blends:  

  • Cool Baby - Acts as a cooling agent for the body
  • Sleepy Baby - Promotes a peaceful night sleep
  • Tiny Airways - Maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing
  • Tiny Teeth - Assists with occasional gum discomfort
  • Tiny Tummy - Soothes occasional stomach discomfort and promotes digestion

Tent Cards for MAMAS blends:  

  • Calm Mama - Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions
  • Happy Mama - Elevates mood and promotes vitality
  • Mama Marks - Improves appearance of skin
  • Milk Mama - Assists your body's milk supply while breastfeeding
  • Tender Ta-Tas - Assists in discomfort and tenderness while breastfeeding