PRINTABLE: Rollerball Nirvana Mantras & Deities Sheet

Our Rollerball Nirvana Mantras & Deities Sheet is an electronic document that you will download and print yourself. **See Terms & Conditions in Product Details**
Product Details

The Rollerball Nirvana Mantras & Deities sheet is a companion product to our Rollerball Nirvana Labels & Recipe Sheet. 

The Rollerball Nirvana blends are designed to invoke the traits and characteristics of the ten most common Hindu deities often seen in yoga and other eastern spiritual practices. These deities personify specific character traits in the same way essential oils all have specific emotional properties. 

The mantras included on this sheet are to be used with your Rollerball Nirvana blends during yoga and meditation or any time you want to connect with the energy and symbolism of the divine. 


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