DIY Aromatherapy Playdough Labels

The Aromatherapy Playdough label set provides kids with a fun interactive hands-on activity to help develop fine motor skills, learn about new scents and support our kiddo’s emotional side, and even includes a fun color lesson!
Product Details

Includes one sheet of 12 Aromatherapy Playdough Labels (2 for each recipe)

Labels are 2" Round and also include 16 BONUS fun labels!

Labels are also full color, waterproof, oil proof & smudge proof!

Aromatherapy Playdough Labels include 2 of each of the following:

  • I am Awesome
  • I am Creative
  • I am Cool
  • I am Smart
  • I am Confident
  • I am Calm 


These are the 6oz. containers that we LOVE for this project:

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