About Us

Our Products...

Whether you are simply an essential oil user or one who is building an oil business, Rollerball Make & Take has the perfect products for you. We have an extensive line of beautifully designed printed materials—from labels & recipe sheets, full workshop kits, personal gift sets, to printables you can instantly download. We empower the DIY oiler to use their own oils to create new recipes and blends for overall wellness, emotional support, and even green cleaning. For the essential oil business builder, we provide the materials for fun, hands-on classes on how to create a natural, toxin-free lifestyle for both new and existing essential oil users.

Our Recipes...

The recipes provided in our Rollerball Make & Take Kits are suggested recipes only…a good place to start, if you will!  Our recipes give you ideas on how to dilute and to mix oils you may not have thought of for certain purposes. When it comes down to it, I always come back to this statement: Please follow your own intuition. You yourself know your body better than anyone. Listen to it and make adjustments to these recipes as you see fit.

When making our recipes, using QUALITY oils is key not only for the benefits you will receive from the blends, but also for safety. There are so many different brands and qualities of essential oils throughout the world—please do your research! The quality of essential oils can vary widely. It is important to know where they’re being sourced. Essential oil companies are responsible for finding experts in everything from growing, cultivating, harvesting, and distillation—all which are equally important to produce pure therapeutic grade essential oils. To ensure purity, they need to be thoroughly tested and not contain fillers or artificial ingredients, and should be free of contaminants or chemical residues.

A Little About Us...

We are two essential oil using mamas, who live about 1,600 miles apart. One a right-brained, designer, creative-type, and the other a left-brained, numbers, business type... with a touch of OCD—truly a business match made in heaven, right? Between the two of us, we had the creativity, know-how and the ability to start Rollerball Make & Take back in early 2014. We have proudly built this business on passion, honesty, integrity, forward-thinking, hard work and A LOT of oils!

With our very first kit, the Rollerball Remedies Make & Take Workshop (now Rollerball Wellness), we saw the concept of the Make & Take class catch on like wildfire amongst those in the essential oil business industry. I guess you can say we officially started a trend!  We are the creators of the ORIGINAL Rollerball Make & Take Workshop Kit, now with an expanded Rollerball family of products, including Rollerball Babies & Mamas, Rollerball Mood, Rollerball Men and Rollerball Kids, as well as carrying a line of DIY Essential Oil Projects products.

We could not in a million years have predicted where this business has taken us. Since the beginning, we have always had a passion to EMPOWER all essential oil users to educate themselves about the oils, and most importantly, to feel comfortable to USE them! The concept of the Rollerball Make & Take Workshop does just that, while also helping the essential oil business builder grow their own business.